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2 0 1 9  Schedule of Events

The events schedule below is not set in stone. Due to work demands, personal matters,  factors otherwise beyond our control, etc., this schedule is subject to additions, deletions or modifications. As you'll notice, many of the events we're scheduling this year are at Fort Loudoun Pennsylvania. This is in support of the efforts of the Fort Loudoun Historical Society to reconstruct the fort and establish a living history center on the site.

Mar 15-17: Unit Weekend; Fort Loudoun PA

Mar 30: Work Weekend; Fort Loudoun PA

Apr 6-7: Living History/Work Weekend; Fort Loudoun PA

May 4-5: Living History/Work Weekend; Fort Loudoun PA

Jun : TBD

Jul: TBD

Aug: TBD

Sep14-16: Provincial Muster; Fort Frederick MD

Oct: TBD

Nov: TBD

Dec: TBD

Check back occasionally for updates...

2013 The Conegochege Ranging Company/Captain Joseph Armstrong's Company

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