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What We Do...

The Conegochege Ranging Company engages in a multitude of activities. The events we choose to do are generally agreed upon as a group, and the time period, impression and a viable scenario are established prior to the event. This is done to insure credibility and consistency in our efforts.


Though our years served as the 1st Pennsylvania Battalion and the Pennsylvania Associators often found us participating in many of the larger “reenactment” type events, we are slowly drifting away from that facet of the hobby, choosing more often now to “experience by doing” some of the activities the ranging companies performed. Sometimes termed “experimental archaeology”, these experiences are invaluable to the end of learning and understanding how these backwoodsmen lived and operated. When talking to the public about what we do, drawing from this experience serves to enhance our impressions and interpretation by giving us a better understanding of life on the frontier.


These activities include “taking scouts”, referred to by some as “period trekking”; essentially a hiking/camping trip, with some relevant period objective, utilizing 18th century clothing, gear and skills to get from point A to point B. Occasionally we will incorporate an opposing force into an event to add a little extra challenge to the experience. We also enjoy float trips when we can. We like to try to get out a couple of times a year, when seasons are in, for a “period” hunting camp, and we're always up for “shooting at marks”, i.e. black powder target shooting. None of this is to say that we will not, on occasion, participate in a tactical battle event when something interesting comes along. Another favorite activity, often undertaken while traveling to and from events, is stopping to visit historic sites and places. Last, but not least, we place great importance on providing “living history” in support of historical venues or sites to "educate" the public and raise awareness of the importance of preserving the history of early America

2013 The Conegochege Ranging Company/Captain Joseph Armstrong's Company

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